Practicing, perfecting, improving, and enhancing: The joy of learning a new language will never get old. Neither will the happy expression of voicing a new word, in a newly found voice. Today, you have begun this journey of being an expert: Simply because today, you’ve found one.

Before They Teach, They’re Taught


At DA, the ones you learn from our Lern-Begleiter (Learning Companions): A select few, who are personally picked by our Institute Director. Not to mention the rigorous 6 to 8 months of training that they all go through, after which they are qualified to train you.

Freude an dem Studium

Literally translates to ‘eternal joy while learning’. With this motto, Uma Apte founded DA in 1992, making this institute the oldest German hub for the young, and, the young at heart. It is this motto that helps us teach through movies, music, and at times, colloquial abuses too! 

Ready To Get Started?

Talk to our Programme Counselor today and hear tales of our alumni: Of those that as of today study, work, and reside in Germany, while your requirements are catered to, with an appropriate course, that can be conducted at the center and online as well. To book a meet, dial 7071 321 321.

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