Deutsch Activ (DA) German Training Institute was started in 1992, by Uma Apte, with the vision, “Freude an dem Studium” or Eternal Joy in Learning.  

DAPIP (Deutsch Activ Partner Institute Program) is a flagship initiative of DA, with the vision to spread the culture of learning German, across the state of Maharashtra.  

“Together, let’s spread,  

the eternal joy in learning”   

Our Mission:  

  • Create a platform for Indo-German Cultural & Educational Exchange  
  • Curate a community of German language enthusiasts  
  • Nurture interest of students towards foreign languages from an early age 

Schools & Colleges

To become a DA Partner-Institute, write to us at

One of our core objectives is spreading the culture of learning German across Maharashtra. For the same, we work as strategic partners with schools & colleges across the state.

Since the year 2000, we have established German Learning & Cultural Departments in these institutes.

We help you to setup a professional German language & cultural department in your institution. Selecting and designing the right syllabus suitable for your students; creating competitive and creative courses for different levels of language proficiency, designing exams are some of the things we do. In addition to the academic approach, we believe that cultural sensitization and cultural training is of utmost importance in learning a language. To achieve these cultural goals, we conduct various activities, workshops and events to encourage cultural integration.

Our experience tells us that school and college students look on their institutes to create an environment where their dreams and wishes can be fulfilled, and they can enhance their skills and abilities. Having a German Learning & Cultural Department, dedicated to the academic & professional enhancement of your students, helps the students to explore the field of learning a foreign language, as well as enhances their professional growth after college.


Pre-primary, Primary & Secondary School

Junior & Senior Colleges

English Language Institutes


Our corporate experience spans over a decade, with an expertise in designing and executing corporate training programs across different industry verticals. 


To know more about DA’s corporate programmes, write to us at

The international trade between India and Germany is increasing year on year. Thus, many Indian companies are getting good business opportunities in the form of markets, technology knowledge transfer and collaborative projects with their German counterparts.

We understand that the nature of the corporate world is dynamic. Hence, with our two-fold approach of strategic German language and cultural training tie-ups or our Project based flexible model, our team can easily adapt to your specific requirement.

Each corporate project has different requirements, based on the purpose. Projects in Germany, Switzerland or Austria require manpower and expertise from India at different time intervals with varied demands in terms of German know-how. Hence, we have adopted a Goal-based program structure. The entire language and cultural training program is designed to align with your goals.

Indian companies with German clients / customers

Social Organizations with International Tie-ups for projects

MSMEs wanting to establish a presence in the German market

MSMEs with potential knowledge / technology collaboration with German counterparts

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