Team DA

Being experienced from professional social work, it helps me to communicate with students and help them set their own goals in language learning. This indeed gives me the opportunity to be creative and innovative in my work. The language counselling work at DA helps me to combine my social work experience and the German language. I get to interact with students on a daily basis which enriches me as a teacher and a counsellor. I feel like part of a Family at DA. The creative and encouraging environment always boosts up my capacities to be able to contribute to the best of my abilities. The work culture here is very systematic and organized. Each day is a new day to learn more and more about German language, courses, students and many more things about Germany. Being a Programme counsellor, I get an opportunity to personally interact with students and get to know their learning experiences. We are very much glad to guide the students for their career in Germany or in India. I feel like part of a Family at DA. The creative and encouraging environment always boost up my capacities to be able to contribute of best of my abilities.

Gauri Dongre

HOD, Language Counselling Department / Teacher
Ever since I have joined DA, Teaching and learning went hand in hand. With the help of the team here, I have explored many new aspects of teaching a language. The unique teaching methods at DA made me explore language differently. The language can be experienced more through its culture. The idea of DACC to make students actually experience the culture while learning has made the learning process much enjoyable. That's what DA proves learning can happen beyond textbooks and in a playful manner.

Prachi Ravindranathan

In-charge DACC / Teacher
I’ve been learning German since the past 8 Years. As a teacher, for me the most important thing for me is the enthusiasm of the students. And through my work at DA, as a learning companion, the students can experience Joy in the learning process, when they express themselves in the German language, confidently. In R&D Department I work with a wonderful team and we work together to enhance the learning experience of students. Truly a rewarding experience when it comes to working with people, students, teachers and vendors. Gives me the chances to use my skills and creativity. Overall, the nicest of all time for me, and clearly a heart winner.

Shivani Deshpande

In-Charge R&D / Teacher
I started working with DA in 2016. The team here is excellent and the work-culture is very friendly and motivating. As a teacher, I love to interact with students and engage them in different activities through which they can easily learn German. At DAPIP, I work with educational institutes across Maharashtra to spread the culture of learning a foreign language.

Atharva Apte

Head, DAPIP / Teacher
I work in the Operations Department at DA, which strives to deliver a beautiful and hassle-free learning experience to the students. The work culture & environment here is very much positive & amazing too. The thing that makes DA a great place to work is our founder's helping hand & the supportive team. I have been learning positive things while interacting with staff, vendors, students & their parents too. Overall, working at DA gives me, my 'Monday Morning Happiness'.

Atharva Ganeshkar

Operations Executive
I have been a student of DA first and then a teacher. It has been a great journey through the years as we saw many changes in teaching styles, books and requirements of students. The constant guidance and support that I got from DA helped me feel confident enough to take on all batches that I did. And off course, the students and their enthusiasm always make everything worth a while! Friendly atmosphere, innovative approach and urge to do the best is what DA stands for me! The most recent shift to online classes has shown again the zeal of DA to overcome challenges and always think of the best for its students.

Anuja Kolhatkar

Learning Companion / Teacher
I have been teaching German at DA since last 4 years. It has been a wonderful journey and I have learnt so many things about teaching. While working here I met so many people from all walks of life. It is always nice to see the happy faces of your students when they understand and start applying what you have taught them. Thanks, Frau Apte, for giving me this opportunity. And also, thanks to the wonderful team of colleagues!

Dnyanada Joshi

Learning Companion / Teacher
I believe that to become an expert in any subject, one has to teach it. I love interacting with the students, which always gives me a new perspective and new ideas! At DA, I get an opportunity to experiment with the language and the teaching techniques. Encouraging the students to participate in classroom sessions as well as different activities is something I enjoy.

Chirag Laghate

Learning Companion / Teacher
The feeling you get when someone can express themselves in a foreign language because of you is simply amazing and truly satisfying. This feeling is what drives me to teach. Thanks to DA, I get to experience this every single day. In DA it is always encouraged to be a student's Learning Companion and because of this we are more connected and approachable to our students. Teaching, to me, is a way of learning something constantly. The process of give and take is very much vital to me. Teaching a language, especially a foreign language, should be a fun learning experience for students and we try to do that every day with a smile here at DA.

Pranoti Bendre

Learning Companion / Teacher
I believe being a teacher is the most beautiful profession. Being a teacher does not only mean giving knowledge to students but making them a good human being. This opportunity was given to me by D.A. and its activity-based learning perspective gives a chance to teachers and students to work together. I enjoy encouraging the students to participate in classroom sessions and to listen to their wonderful ideas.

Gauri Karkare

Learning Companion / Teacher

Our Founder

Uma Apte (8)

Mrs. Uma Apte

Uma Apte, our founder, started DA with the vision of creating a positive space for students to come and learn the language and culture through activity-based courses.

Uma Apte has 25 years of experience in German teaching. Recipient of esteemed scholarships for teacher’s training in Berlin and München, she is the former West Zone head for IndaF (Indo-German Teachers’ Association). 

She also has an experience in arranging study tours to Europe. She is a teacher by heart and loves to spend time and interact with the students. She is the founder, director of the institute and also takes care personally of teachers training.

Today, she works with our Lernbegleitern (Learning-Companions) Team to develop new courses, learning material and deliver quality German education to students. 

Uma mam is also actively involved in DACC, or Deutsch Activ Culture Club and conducts various seminars, workshops, webinars with her team for cultural integration and cultural training. 

She also consults various schools, colleges and educational institutions and helps them set-up German learning departments. 

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