The A1 course introduces you to the German language. This being your first time learning a foreign language, the method of teaching is primarily activity-based learning. With these activities, one gets the first-hand experience of handling the language and its various nuances. 

Topics covered in this course: 

(Each course includes an in-depth textbook, workbook, grammar & vocabulary worksheets, and exam training materials)

The basic grammar structures, alphabets, numbers are introduced to the student. The participant gets a chance to learn with translation techniques, i.e. comparing the structures of the language with her/his mother tongue or even English.

Language is nothing but sound. Hence, while learning a new language, it is vital to get adept with the phonetic sounds. Various activities, conversation starters conducted in the classroom, help you to be accustomed to these new sounds and give you a newfound voice.

Your first step in expressing yourself in German has to be your own introduction. Talking about yourself in a new language is a whole new experience, which you can indulge in and enjoy in the course.

Grammar is an indivisible part of any language. Hence, in this course, you also get a chance to explore the basic structures of German, and form simple statements, ask questions and respond to a few simple ones.

Towards the end of the course, you will be able to play simple quizzes, puzzles, and games in German. Here, you get a chance to actually use the language, that you have just learnt, to enjoy. German games become a permanent part of your weekend with friends!

The A1 exam is a competitive exam, mostly made of objective questions. Solving the exam is like solving a quiz or a puzzle. No long write-ups, no long speeches. Exam preparation is done in a group, which makes the exercise, fun and engaging.

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