The A2 course, is your second step into becoming more familiar with the language. Here, you get introduced to the structures of the language. Forming a compound sentence, experimenting with conjunctions and prepositions, and talking about your favourite hobby, are a few things that you learn along the way.

Topics covered in this course: 

(Each course includes an in-depth textbook, workbook, grammar & vocabulary worksheets, and exam training materials)

To make your German foundation more solid, a few grammar topics, always come handy. Understanding the structure, purpose and use of each grammar topic, helps you express yourself in a better way. Mastery over these fundamentals, gives you a different kind of confidence to use the language.

While learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary can be a challenge. To tackle this uphill task, each new set of words, is introduced and practiced in the classroom with relevant contexts. Navigating yourself at a railway station, shopping for groceries, or visiting your nearby cafe, now, you can do all this, in German.

Engaging strangers in a conversation, is something that each one of us finds tricky. And to be able to do this in a foreign language, is a hurdle. In this course, you will learn how to break the ice, and overcome this challenge. You will be enabled with German Small Talk, a perfect way to start a conversation.

Often in our day to day life, the ability to interpret pictures comes handy. Be it talking about a painting you like, or understanding a statistic or graphic presentation at the office, picture descriptions are a vital part of routine conversations. In this course, you will learn this skill, in German!

Traditionally, we have expressed ourselves through letters. But when was the last time you wrote one? Language is only useful, when it can be adapted into modern means of communication. Writing a quick SMS / Whatsapp message to a friend or colleague, posting a photo with a quirky caption, or tweeting your opinion, now you can do all this, in German.

The A2 exam is also of competitive nature. Deciding a common time to meet, talking about your weekend, writing a formal email, and so on, would be the different things that you would be tested in. The training for the same is also done in an interactive manner, thus making it, stress-free.

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