Topics covered in this course: 

(Each course includes an in-depth textbook, workbook, grammar & vocabulary worksheets, and exam training materials)

Emails, newsletters, blogs, articles, reports, are a part of our daily life. Hence, in the course, you will be trained to understand different types of texts. Each text has a specific purpose, and to understand it better, the know-how of the structure, summary techniques, etc, is essential, which is also covered in B1.

The best way to learn and master a language is to, listen to it well. Dynamic listening exercises, give you an opportunity to enhance your faculties, draw multi-fold interpretations, and even express your opinion on the theme of the text. This certainly boosts your confidence, to work with your German colleagues, or make German pen-friends!

To prepare yourself for a conversation, is to master it. Be it booking an appointment with the doctor, planning a weekend getaway with your friends, or working on a project for a German client, telephonic conversations enable you with the skills to discuss, negotiate, and arrive at a decision, in day to day activities.

From bedtime stories with our grandparents, to moral stories that we learnt in school, storytelling has always been an integral part of our life. In B1, you get a chance to rediscover the storytelling in German! Short-story writing competitions, crafting and understanding moral stories from texts, and deconstructing tales from German history. Stories make you fall in love with the language.

Talking about yourself, initiating a conversation, and understanding the other person in German are things that you would have mastered till now. Now is the time to take a topic, of your choosing and talk about it in German. Here, you get to put your language know-how and your presentation skills to test. Thematic presentations boost your confidence to communicate better in German.

The B1 exam is an exhaustive one, and slightly different from the elementary courses. For the first time, a considerable part of your exam is going to be subjective. The preparation for this exam goes beyond pattern training. Workshops, activities and games, is how the training takes place, thereby giving you a chance to put your German skills into practice.

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