The B2 course, is your first step towards becoming a #GermanExpert. In this course, you explore the language through texts, documents, listening exercises, surveys, workshops, and even debates. Post completion of the B2 level, you can also aspire to be a translator or interpreter and use German professionally. 

Topics covered in this course: 

(Each course includes an in-depth textbook, workbook, grammar & vocabulary worksheets, and exam training materials)

You get a chance to read and analyse official texts like emails, newsletters, project reports, SOPs, Applications, and so on in the course. The analysis is beyond grammar and delves into understanding and interpreting the context. After acquiring this skill of contextual analysis, you can also enjoy a thriller novel, or even a memoir in German!

Now that you have a fair command of the language, you can use it in different situations. Your Lernbegleiter (Learning-Companion) will create simulations in and outside the classroom, for you to experiment with the vocabulary and structure of the language. Conducting a survey, hosting an event, or debating with your classmates, your German interaction gets a new upgrade in B2.

Towards the end of your B2.2 course, you will be introduced to primary translation techniques. These techniques help you to have a deeper understanding of the structure of the language in comparison to Enlgish and Marathi. A command over your native language, always benefits you while learning and imbibing a foreign language.

Reading a text, listening to a radio-interview or even watching a film can and should have multi-fold purposes. And to understand each purpose, you need to look at the text / listening activity with a new perspective. Sometimes, it can be a personal perspective or ,,ich perspective”. While learning in a group, you can adopt a group’s perspective or ,,gemeinsame perspective”. And to look at the larger picture, we learn the ,,gesellschaftliche perspective”, or the social perspective.

Presentation are also a key part of the B2 course. The journey of preparing for a presentation, is what you will get to explore with your Lernbegleiter (Learning Companion).
Observation, articulation, notation, preparation, expressing your opinion and reasoning it, each process is discussed and practiced in depth. This unique approach makes each presentation, memorable and effective.

In the course, you will participate in 2 examinations. First, the B2.1 exam, which is conducted internally. This exam is a practical exam, where you get to select a topic of your liking, and craft a presentation which involves the audience. The prep for this exam, is done in the classroom, with a assigned buddy from the batch. The buddy-system helps you to brainstorm ideas and come up with innovative presenations.

The second exam is the B2 competitive exam. This examination is a balanced combination of objective and subjective questions. The interative pattern of the exam, makes practicing for it in the group equally fun!

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