The C1 course gives you a chance to delve into the language in depth. Spread over 4 to 5 months, the course is an immersive one. German literature it introduced in the form of text extracts. The C1 course gives you a close to native speaker ability.

Topics covered in this course: 

(Each course includes an in-depth textbook, workbook, grammar & vocabulary worksheets, and exam training materials)

The themes covered in different listening, reading and group discussion exxercies are explored through varied perspectives. Grammar, Structure, Core, Purpose, Presentation, and so on, are different ways of understanding a theme. C1 course enables you to discuss and explore these themes with your co-participants, under the guidance of your Lernbegleiter.

Native speaker or close to native speaker is the aim of the course. Being a native speaker is much more than just phonetics. You are introduced to different colloquial contexts, cultural and historic references, which make you understand the minute nuances of the German language, thereby enabling you to be close to the native german speaker.

You get to explore various facets of German literature through novels, poems, films, novellas, moral stories, and even fairy tales! A command over literature, automatically gives you a command over a language. Reading original texts, analyising them in a group, also enriches your understanding of the theme, as well as the German language.

Presentation is required in personal as well as professional life. And in studying each form of presentation, you will learn a different technique to ace it. Be it engaging in an informal group discussion around the dining table, or even a professional presentation in an office environment, study of charater, situation, choosing the right vocabulary, are the different tools you can use to master this art.

Often while learning a new language, we tend to think in our own mother tongue, and then translate into the foreign language, before speaking or expressing. The C1 course helps you to overcome this barrier. Towards the end of the course, you not only start thinking in German, but also learn how to think like one! This helps you to express with proper context, structure, and phoentic.

The final step before exam training, is the one-to-one session with your Lernbegleiter. Each student is guided one-to-one to solve their problems, overcome any particualr challenges, and work on their strengths. This unique approach to exam training is followed by intense group discussions, analysis of paper pattern and solving practice exams.

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